Samsung Says ” No more 3.5 mm Headphone Jack in Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S11″.

Yes, you read it right. The giant Korean smartphone makers are the next in the line of kicking off the Headphone jack from their upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Samsung Galaxy S11 devices. Both are the premium flagship series devices expected to be released in Late 2018 and early 2019 respectively.

However the Mid-range series including the Samsung Galaxy A Series, J Series, On Series may well keep this headphone jack on their premium devices. But the removal of Headphone jack from the flagship devices makes Samsung added to the list of smartphone makers who have decided to remove the jack for good from their devices right after Apple did back in 2016. Lately we have seen OnePlus CEO talking about the removal of 3.5mm jack from their upcoming OnePlus 6T which will be officially announced on 30th October event.

Samsung to remove Headphone Jack in Note 10 and Galaxy S11

According to the Korean news Source ETnews: ” The reasoning behind this is that wireless headphones are becoming increasingly popular and according to Strategy Analytics, the global wireless earphone market will expand by 73.9 million units by 2019 and over 100 million in 2022. That’s around 42% growth in three to four years.

The report claims that Samsung is looking into the option of eliminating the jack in the phones released after Autumn next year so either the Galaxy Note 10 or the Galaxy S11 will come with one less port. This will allow the company to increase the battery capacity or use the leftover space for something else. But one thing is for sure, though, the USB-C to 3.5mm dongle will be present in the retail box for the time being.

So far Samsung has withstood the pressure of removing the headphone jack so far and because of that – and the microSD card support – its reputation has greatly improved among the Android faithful. Then again, sales have not been so hot lately, so maybe some changes are in order before it’s too late.

Source: EtNews

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